Saturday, October 12, 2013


Monchique is undoubtedly my favourite place to go in Southern Portugal. As I am not really a beachgoer, I tend to prefer the countryside and I find the hills quite tranquil and relaxing (Maria Von Trapp, much?). This mountain range offers breath-taking views and also an alternative to the coast. Besides, Monchique is the place to be if you intend to get yourself drunk on medronho (go for a local brew... Monchique's moonshine at its best) and go for a picnic on the quiet hillside. On the other hand, you might as well stay in Caldas de Monchique, the refreshing and charming spa village, located in the luxurious mountain valley. If I was rich, I'd buy a chalet over there.
There are many inviting restaurants and snack bars all over the hills so do not panic if you ever find yourself particularly hungry - it always happens to me when I breathe such soothing fresh air.
Fóia is the highest point in the Algarve - 902 metres high - and the whole area looks post-apocalyptic, not to mention the view from there - you can see everything, sea included. The higher you go, the colder it gets, so be prepared for chilly winds.
I didn't plan on getting TOO adventurous, so I sticked to my usual kind of mid-season outfit: brand new black ankle boots that look slightly brogue-ish (Primark's cheapest boots), a floral bag, pastel socks and a Miss Patina pastel blue dress that I won in a contest.
Anyway, now you have a glimpse of scenery spectacle and landscape porn. There are plenty of places to walk and explore in Monchique, if you are in the mood for remote woods and peace of mind. Nothing beats the fragrance of pine trees and eucalyptus, while listening to the dreamy fountain waters falling in cascade.


  1. Oh this is my favourite type of scenery too, would love to visit one day. Beautiful photos and I love your dress! xx

  2. It's a magical place. I spent 4 days in Caldas de Monchique this summer and loved how zen it is. Scary part: driving all the way back to Aljezur, scared of heights ugh.

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  4. Adoro Monchique! É um dos meus sítios favoritos :)
    E adorei as fotografias!

  5. LOVE these photos, the place looks too gorgeous!

    Have a great day,

  6. this place and you are beautiful!!

  7. Só aí estive uma x na vida, teria uns 10, 11 anos. Lembro-me de me ter passado com a bicheza... mas que é lindo, é.

  8. que sítio mais lindo!! e o teu vestidinho, que amor :3

  9. Estando entre o norte e o centro, nunca me aventurei tão para sul no nosso pequeno Portugal, por isso é uma zona que desconheço por completo. Parece absolutamente maravilhosa! Todos os sítios e recantos para explorar...aii e aquele letreiro a dizer "privado" more like bitch I'm going in and you can't stop me amiright? haha
    Gostei imenso das fotos, pois deram-me um vislumbre de uma zona de Portugal que desconhecia. E claro, da tua indumentária também :)

  10. Monchique é um sítio bonito, e contigo e a tua prima lá ainda fica com mais beleza!...:-)
    Gostei das fotos!

  11. Que sítio mesmo lindo para se tirar fotografias! Estás extremamente linda em todas elas, adoro o teu estilo pessoal :)
    Beijinho, Andrea