Sunday, November 17, 2013

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #31

Here's Wes Anderson's latest short film for Prada, set in 1950's Italy.

My weekly cravings and cooks were, as you can see, consistently nourishing. My PMS is an insidious glutton in disguise.

How cool are these Docs?!

Wasn't Roza Shanina the prettiest sniper ever? "The unseen terror of East Prussia" was a badass Soviet sniper during WWII who volunteered to serve as a marksman on the front line. She was killed in action, at the early age of 20.

I am officially in love with Irn-Bru. It tastes like bubblegum or something like that.

No matter how depressed I feel, I will always laugh at these two! Always.

I've watched this film last night and I really liked it, found it deliciously disturbing! That kid will give you the chills.

It is, actually!


  1. I'm atually looking for camembert now, having eaten the brie yesterday...

  2. Adorei este Sunday Best!
    Roza Shanina era linda de morrer. Aquele self-proclaimed white supremacist é ridículo de morrer a rir como fez a senhora sentada ao lado dele, tal como Clinton e o Yeltsin também são de morrer a rir , mas por motivos diferentes.
    Acho que o Lionel Ritchie deve ter sido desenhado por algum white supremacist, porque ficou com os lábios muito mais finos... Mas o melhor de tudo é a tua comida. Excelente pato com rebentos de soja, physalis, ananás e romã. Perfeito!

  3. tens dos pratos mais apetitosos ever, mesmo do meu estilo!

  4. A Coco tem muita razão :)
    As botas são mesmo brutais e a tua comida tem aspecto super delicioso.

  5. ooh,..I want to eat all this food, looks amazing!! I need it :))) And they make Irn Bru here in Scotland, it is everywhere. It is like a bit of bubblegum. I like to have it every now and then :))) Wonderful. Hahaha..this last one makes me laugh...but it is quite true :))) Have a darling week doll xx

  6. those docs are awesome! and wow i'm so impressed with how much effort you put into your breakfast, i just make a cup of tea and scrape together some toast or cereal in the morning, haha.

    little henry lee

  7. I love love love that Prada's video! <3

  8. Hah! I always laugh at those two too! Thanks for the reminder. Can I just say that this: 'a Lolitaesque Wednesday Addams-like Portuguese atheist only child with a Peter Pan complex' is the best description ever. Ever.
    Tea For Two

  9. So much stuff here that I love! That Lionel Richie plate...OMG. And all that food looks amazing. The quote from Coco Chanel is so true as well, but I'd never heard it before! Thanks for your lovely comment on my last post, too <3