Sunday, May 11, 2014

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #56

It's a shame this lovely dress is no longer available.

This footage might be fake but it's still the epitome of bad luck.

Here's an illustrated eye chart of famous and iconic eyewear! It features 73 frames from history, music, film, fashion and culture.

Baby bats are the cutest thing ever awwwww!

These book sculptures are amazing!

I need this top!

This is such a cool idea.


  1. Acho os interiores victorianos demasiadamente pesados para o meu gosto, mas o sapo sim é leve e amoroso, tal como os morceguinhos que me fazem lembrar o Konde de Kontarr...:-)
    Bonitas as esculturas em livros, e o vídeo é uma grande treta!

  2. That last one is a brilliant idea! I love that little frog too :)

  3. Baby anything is the cutest! Haha
    And the last idea is really awesome and beautiful:)


  4. Gente, apaixonei por esse sapinho se protegendo da chuva hahaha, que fofura. Também achei uma ótima ideia essa dos galhos na vela, vai ficar muito bacana pra decorar a casa pro Halloween.

  5. Aquele sapo tá tão boss xD Faz-me lembrar o Totoro!

  6. Epá, fora a tee não há nada neste Sunday Best que não me deixe a arfar de tão bom que é!!!

  7. Love this post. I feel as though I may have just stepped inside your brain haha. This lightening video made me laugh so much, I do hope it's fake but oh my god, if it isn't...that poor guy.

    Great post and blog, I am now following you!

    Haaappy Spring!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  8. The logo art is amazing! I always wish I could actually draw, it would be such a nice talent to have. I love the animal aspects to this post too, the cuteness level is high. The little frog reminds me of Totoro and the little bats are super cute, all of their faces look different. I must say the baby sloth video is still my favourite baby animal you tube video though...

    Emma x