Monday, March 16, 2015

It Girl: Rachel Trachtenburg

If you haven't heard of doe-eyed Rachel Trachtenburg, you must check her out! Not only is she a talented musician and model but also a talk radio host and a fierce animal rights activist. And yes, she's that young (born in '93)! Ex-member of the band SUPERCUTE!, in which she was the lead singer, Trachtenburg is now focusing on her solo music career - her first music video and single got me hooked already. Oh, and did I mention her drumming skills? There so many interesting facts about this girl like, you know, she spoke out against the New York City Mayor at the age of 14 (!).
This adorably stylish girl was born in Seattle, of paternal Jewish and maternal Mexican descent, and currently lives in New York. Now, let's talk aesthetics: I love her sense of style so much, she's great at mixing and mismatching textures, fabrics and prints, adding a groovy 60s/70s-influenced psychadelia to her whimsical, bohemian and very colourful looks. Her quirky, vintage, envy-inducing clothes come mostly from thrift stores, only to prove that style is a matter of taste, not money. Signed to Elite Model Management, she's starred in a Lanvin campaign and was featured in a lookbook for It's OK My Dear, looking gorgeous in a Wes Anderson-esque kind of way. Rachel Trachtenburg is inspiring as it gets - I wonder if she ever hangs out with Tavi Gevinson.


  1. Desconhecia, mas não admira, not really my style. É mesmo bem novinha, a rapariga!

  2. Uma rapariga tão jovem, já com olheiras?!...

  3. Possa como é que eu nunca a tinha visto? Ty Nancy! é super cute mesmo, se bem que às vezes ver gente do meu ano a fazer montes de coisas na vida me deixa um gosto meio agridoce xD

  4. Gostei muito do estilo dela e tem um ar amoroso! A música soa-me meio a best coast haha