Monday, April 4, 2016

Carnivore Ecstasy at My Meat Wagon

I present you another Smithfield gem: My Meat Wagon! This is the place to go if a) you're hungry as fuck, b) you're a Texan BBQ enthusiast, c) you need a meat fix asap. My gluttony made me dive into a food coma-inducing feast, in one of the coolest spots in the Northside. Located right next to Lighthouse Cinema (how handy is that?), this meat wonderland offers an epic selection of cuts from ribs to brisket, including finger-lickin' delicious sides like tasty onion rings (I rarely enjoy them as they're often covered in tons of grease but I didn't complain about this batch), hearty chorizo-like sausages and homemade chips. 

We ordered a mixed meat platter, which is basically a board of meaty yummies: smokey pork belly, juicy pulled pork, scrumptiously seasoned chicken, the whole shebang. The texture was everything - crispy crust, juicy bits, succulent fat. Add a delightful BBQ and mustard sauce, and nothing beats a refreshing craft cider to wash it all down.

I liked how the decoration was simultaneously cool, cosy and casual, yet not too pretensious - and the toilet walls were covered in vinyl records. Gotta love some red neon and those butcher-reminiscent PVC curtains. Great atmosphere, groovy music (and more importantly, not too loud), genuinely friendly staff (thanks a mill for your efficiency and helpful suggestions, lads!) and everything on the menu was reasonably priced, offering an exceptional good value for such quantity and quality.

If you want to survive My Meat Wagon, you'll need an infinity of napkins and the appetite of a starving pig. Colossal portions rich in taste and texture are always worth drooling for; my stomach will forever welcome substancial comfort food like this.


  1. I've been meaning to go here for ages! It looks amazing, literally drooling over all this food omg X

  2. Um ambiente despretensioso e gostei do pormenor do desenho
    dos animais na ementa, para o facto de eventualmente alguém
    não saber ler, ou então já ter bebido demasiado...:-))
    É nestas alturas que penso como seria difícil para mim
    ser vegetariana. ;-)

  3. Ai, ia-me dar super bem aí :| Espero ir a Dublin em breve e vou-me lembrar de vir cá ver as tuas recomendações!
    ps: carrinho de batatas, so cute!

  4. Não sei como é que me conseguiste deixar com fome mesmo tendo acabado de jantar.
    Tem tudo demasiado bom aspecto!

  5. Ohh boy that looks amazing. Something I'd fast all day for, haha.

  6. Amei a decoração e o ambiente. AMEI o aspecto da comida. Quero ir já para lá enfardar.