Saturday, December 14, 2013

It Girl: Cory Kennedy

Cory Kennedy is more of an American internet celebrity than a model. She was discovered at a concert by Mark Hunter aka The Cobrasnake, a photographer, becoming the muse of his website at the age of 16. No stranger to Fashion Week, she's also a DJ and the envy of many fashionistas and bloggers.
Okay, she's just another LA party girl who accidentally found fame. Cute, waif-ish, the quirkiest girl next door, this girl oozes that charismatic carefree coolness often displayed in Nylon and American Apparel editorials.
Cory was born in 1990 and her controversial celebrity status spawned the attention of media, fans and fashion icons, contributing to her appearance in magazines like Vogue and Paper.
Nowadays, maybe because she's older and always had a nightlife-fueled lifestyle, she doesn't look like she used to anymore. The teenage party animal vibe that made her look like one of the troubled kids from Skins is no longer there so I believe her style evolved a bit as she embraced her adulthood. She's not nearly as popular and viral these days as there are many other young girls out there offering competition and novelty.
I don't know what is she up to but recently I've seen her partnering up with ASOS for the Summer sales, with her peculiar crack addict eyes, blonde mane and disco hot pants.
When questioned about her popularity, Kennedy once said: "Maybe it's 'cause most celebrities are like, perfect. They have their hair brushed and their makeup done and have no bruises on their legs.".


  1. Girls will be girls...mas está ali uma com umas perninhas tão magrinhas que parece que esteve a passar uma temporada no Biafra...:-)

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  3. aos anos que não ouvia falar dela! nem a reconheci, loira e "adulta" :o

  4. Não gosto dela loira e adoro os olhos.

  5. good god, ja n ouvia falar dela a seculos. still dont get the hype.

  6. I used to love Cory Kennedy back in the day. 2008 was a great year for it-girls! Like you, I have no idea what she's up to these days, but now I'm curious. I love her "crack eyes" :P