Friday, March 31, 2017

Behind the Scenes: Maija Sofia's Persephone Music Video

My insanely talented friend Maija Sofia has released a new song and bewitches us once again with her video, brilliantly shot and edited by Ciaran O'Brien. As I wanted the document the making of the whole thing and also be part of the experience (you can see me for a few seconds having some wine with the Velvet Sisterhood - Marnie looked fabulous in emerald, Maija stole the show in burgundy and of course I wore blueee velvet), I had to be in Phoenix Park at 7-ish am, an early start that revealed many challenges to everyone involved: ruthless wind, crippling cold numbing senses and limbs and a mix of mud, bog and bushes slowing down our pace. Some deer activity was finally spotted and the visual reward was worth the pilgrimage. A dark tale adorned with antlers and candles started to take shape. Also, there was wine and pomegranates so it was grand!

This video makes justice to Maija's love-at-first-and-every-listen single, embellished with poignantly poetic lyrics and a voice transporting us to a realm of daydreaming and mystique with a greater message. The subtle allure of intricate beauty and poetry makes this one of the most gifted singer-songwriters Ireland has ever brewed. Maija Sofia immerses her music in a sea of pastel veils and her nomad soul (seasoned with bits of her beloved Berlin, London, Connemara and dirty old Dublin) wanders in the woods, showing us both sides of her own unpretensious wonderland.