Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rachel Antonoff for Bass Schoolgirl-Spunky Spring 2013 Collection

Photo: Courtesy of Bass

A good shoe looks special enough to elicit compliments from strangers, feels comfortable enough to walk in every day, and won't cost so much you're cursing yourself for every nick and smudge that gets on them. Rachel Antonoff's spring '13 collection for Bass is basically just that. 

Named after some of her best friends (Alia, Jack, Tavi, and Lena — can you guess their real-life namesakes?), the collection features sheer mesh, colorblocking, soft pastels, and metallic leathers that'll provide you with quirky-yet-classic shoes that don't require your having to take out a bank loan (plus, with Bass' comfort-minded construction, these are a practical purchase, too!). 

These shoes ring in under $169, which means that you can do a little not-so-insane impulse shopping in just a couple months.

I absolutely adore the partnership between Rachel Antonoff and Bass! So, here's another dewy, vibrant, dainty-detailed Spring collection! It doesn't need to be in Spring for me to lust over such bright coloured shoes, as you might as well know. If I had to choose, I would definitely pick the yellow heeled oxfords, the silver and sheer brogues, and anything in lavender or other soft pastel hue. Considering the price, all I can do for now is to dream...

Adoro esta parceria da Rachel Antonoff com a Bass! Assim sendo, eis mais uma colecção de Primavera absolutamente fresca, juvenil e vibrante no espectro de cores! Nem precisa de ser Primavera para eu andar doida por sapatos de tons garridos, como já devem calcular. Se eu tivesse de escolher, optaria pelos amarelinhos de salto alto, pelos prateados com transparência, e qualquer um em tonalidades lavanda ou outra espécie de pastel. Tendo em conta o preço, só posso mesmo é sonhar...


  1. Só gosto dos últimos, com atacadores, é claro.

  2. Goodness me! Those yellow oxfords are exquisite!

    The Nautical Owl

  3. Ah Rachel Antonoff for Bass, I'm so glad she did another line with them! And she did such a great job sticking to a theme here, I love the whole collection. I could definitely go for the black or metallic oxfords!


    1. Rachel Antonoff + Bass never cease to amaze us, always get it right!

  4. oh yay, i'm loving second pair *_*

  5. Hey there, I just saw your blog, and fell in love a bit:)
    So beautiful shoes, I'm gonna check them to see if I want to buy!

    Hugs from Istanbul...

  6. So much cuteness!

    xo Jennifer

  7. I have a pair of their shoes, so comfortable!!!

    1. They are, too bad mine (I own a pair of the other collection) are already dirty and worn out...

  8. Sempre sonhei com um tipo de sapatos semelhantes aos primeiros da última fila. Lindos de morrer! :)


    The Marvelous World of Narcissa

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