Saturday, January 18, 2014

Memory Lane: Now and Then (1995)

Here's a coming-of-age childhood classic! A nostalgia-charged, bittersweet 1990s gem. Now and Then, set in 1970's Georgia, starred four 12-year-old American girls enjoying the most memorable Summer of their lives, which included soda-sipping in diners, vintage bikes, heat, friendship pacts, boys (oh hello, Devon Sawa!), bullies, secrets, crushes, sleepovers, puberty issues, stuffed bras (or taped bras!), midnight meet-ups in THE TREE HOUSE (who wouldn't want a tree house?! specially after watching this flick! tree house > tent) to play truth or dare... and a killer soundtrack (I think of this film whenever I listen to The Archies!).
This movie follows the adolescent adventures of tomboy Roberta (lovely Christina Ricci proved she could go beyond the Wednesday Addams type of role... and even allow a tan!), flirty Teeny, prissy Chrissy and introspective Sam, in the Indiana suburbia. Eventually, they became adults and moved on with their lives separately. The "now" part of the film reunites the friends, now in their thirties (it's 1991!), in their hometown, due to their childhood pact. The four childhood best friends gather together once again while reminiscing about when they were kids. Walking down memory lane, the group relives the small-town Summer of 1970 and all the crazy antics, from the mystery of Dear Johnny to the urban myth of Crazy Pete (this character made me feel so heartbroken...). Not to mention the skinny dipping thrill!
Now and Then features the coolest trends of the early 70s, showcasing retro/kitsch, bright-hued clothes. It also made me believe in life-long friendship, with or without pacts. If this film was not a part of your childhood (regardless of your generation), I feel sorry for you.


  1. Adoro este filme, já o vi umas 5 vezes e não me canso.

  2. Eu adorava o filme mas também metia-me inveja. Queria aqueles sítios calmos e bonitos e as roupas e um grupo de amigas assim e as bicicletas e as aventuras! eheheh

  3. Fez-me lembrar o "Verão Azul", talvez por causa das bicicletas...

  4. opa, agora vou ter que sacar este filme e ve lo umas mil vezes. adoro. e tem logo duas actrizes do meu top.