Monday, May 27, 2013

It Girl: Caroline Martial

If Lady Gaga and Alice Glass had a white trash love child on speed, her name would be Caroline Martial! Fierce attitude, carefree coolness, punk ferocity, bruised knees, ripped stockings, smeared make-up, frenetic energy and a weirdo quirk - these are Caroline's signature hallmarks.
For those who don't know of who I'm talking about, Caroline Martial is the très cool frontlady of the French electro-punk duo Kap Bambino. Martial's electrifying presence adds a wild raver vibe to their live performances. The Bordeaux-based duo had established something of a cult following on the underground scene, due to this girl's raw vocals in a heavily French-accented English. I like her style so much, as she wears such charismatic outfits and yet, so effortlessly cool and edgy, mixing vintage and retro elements with punk, grunge and trashy influences. She doesn't give a shit, she couldn't care less, and that's what it makes her style so awesome.


  1. Mehhhhh. Não gostei do roubo da cruz invertida - a não ser que ela namore com algum jeitoso de uma banda de Black Metal francês.E ele há tantooos...

  2. she looks very interesting :)

  3. I always wish I was that kind of cool! x