Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Night

 Some à la Terry Richardson snaps before the evening euphoria.
Please excuse my Jurassic Punk attitude.

We AKA The Pubgoers Gang had plenty of fun last night. Me and Cláudia felt like we were the pub version of The Office! Our friend Tom was in town and we had the opportunity to meet his family. I haven't experienced such entushiasm and good times in ages. Last night was unexpectedly awesome - and, may I also say, quite surreal.


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  2. As fotografias que tiras são mesmo espetaculares, adoro.


    The Marvelous World of Narcissa

    1. Epá, obrigada, mas a minha inspiração já viu melhores dias!

  3. A tua amiga é super gira! E adorei estas fotos, estão super divertidas, fez-me lembrar as que tiro com as minhas amigas quando saímos à noite e, tinha mesmo que dizer isto, mas who doesn't love boobies?! hahaha

    1. Siiiim :D A Cláudia é gorgeous, de facto ^^

  4. I love it! Pictures look very a la Terry Richardson indeed, that was my first though! Well done, want more :)

  5. as tshirts!! omg, as tshirts!!
    ja te estou a seguir, este blog é fantastico :D