Friday, September 27, 2013

'Bonnie And Clyde' New Miniseries

Starring Emile Hirsch and Holliday Grainger as the legendary partners in crime, Bonnie & Clyde mini-series airs on Sunday, Dec. 8 and Monday, Dec. 9 on A&E, Lifetime and History. Of course that I will be practical and just download it. I loved the '67 film (Faye Dunaway looked fierce!) so obviously I am not expecting something worthy of comparison... But I'm certainly very excited and looking forward to watch this version. As I said before, I tend to empathize with outlaw lovers.


  1. Muito gostas tu de "fitaça"!...:-)

  2. Tenho alguma curiosidade, confesso.

  3. ohh wow i didn't know this existed but i love emile hirsch and think he's a great actor, and of course the old bonnie and clyde movie. i'll definitely have to check this miniseries out.

    little henry lee

  4. I've never watched Bonnie and Clyde and I don't actually know much about them (I had to google jsut then, haha) but this looks like it could be fun!