Sunday, September 1, 2013

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #20

One of the best dishes I've ever baked: cheese + potato + turkey + herbs + mushrooms + spices + bacon !!!

This photo WOW! Titans, much?

This gif is from The Long Kiss Goodnight. I spent all my teenage years trying to recreate this scene. Oh, the glasses I shattered!

Did you watch the visually sumptuous premiere of NBC's Hannibal? Did you recognize a certain bathroom almost identical to a certain bathroom from The Shining?

The Yellow Brick Road with an eerie approach: the abandoned Land of Oz theme park in North Carolina.

I was never really fond of Melanie Griffith until I watched her playing Lulu in Something Wild.
Possibly one of the coolest female characters ever depicted in the 80's.

Aaron Paul is so cool and funny! GATORADE ME, BITCH!

Trannies in Sweden, 1950's.

More interesting than The Sartorialist!


  1. I love the vintage cross dressers, they look so pretty, go them! The yellow brick road is pretty depressing, not like the idea of sailing to your house because there are no roads, that's pretty happy!

    Em x

  2. Posso mudar-me para aquela aldeia??? Que sonho!! Depois vais lá fazer-me aquele almoço da foto, que tem tão bom ar. Sim, reparei na WC, mas enquanto via pensava "Onde é que eu li uma descrição de uma casa de banho assim?". Afinal não foi lida, foi vista.

  3. Gostei muito daquela aldeia na Holanda, mas ainda mais do teu cozinhado!