Sunday, October 6, 2013

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #25

The fact that "this item does not ship to Portugal" breaks my heart.

If you never came across Van Gogh's never-before-seen sketchbooks, here you go.

I present you Tanzania's deadliest secret... Any animal that touches this lethal lake turns to stone!

I am flabbergasted at these pumpkin carvings.

Meet the real Heisenberg, the inspiration behind Walter White's alter ego.

"It may be blue, but it's the bomb!" - Breaking Bad is over but you can always purchase the epic blue stuff. We all know that Heisenberg's crystal meth looked like candy... And now there's candy that looks like Heisenberg's product!

This is how a heartmelting cover sounds like. I love it.

Me too, Dita. Me too.

This is how a dusty sandstorm looks like.

This is beyond cute!


  1. Adorei as abóboras! A blusa com os patos é gira, mas daí a ficar com o coração partido... Quanto a queimaduras pelo sol acho que disso estás livre, se foges do sol a sete pés...:-)

  2. I find myself very excited every Sunday to finally see the 'sunday best'. Keep it up!:)

  3. Oh that pastel jumper literally made me squeal, it's so cute! And those punpkins, I can't believe people's talents... so amazing!

  4. i cant get over those pictures of the animals.. fascinating..

  5. As aboboras!!!!!! Já tinha lido sopre aquele lago, há lá coisa mais eerie no mundo?!?!?!? Fuckin' freaky.

  6. Ina, a minha mãe tinha uma blusa muito parecida à primeira! Arte brutal com as abóboras. Olha, acho que os habitantes não devem gostar mas eu cá gostei muito dessa sandstorm, a cidade ficou com uma cor linda :)

  7. <3333333