Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weekly Randoms

Mel and I having a gin and tonic on a plane or "how to make Ryanair look less low cost".

My dear friend Mafalda has created the perfect french twist! My hair was the guinea pig.

This hamburger was probably the best I've had in years! So delicious, dear Lord. The very thought of it makes me drool.
If you feel like eating the burger of your life, just go to Hamburgueria da Parada, in Campo de Ourique, Lisbon.
You have no idea of how hysterical I got when I spotted this billboard. Nucky, Chalky and Eli right there in Rossio!

Cooking with Mel at her place was pretty entertaining. We sort of overdosed on meatballs with basil and cheese and it was totally worth it. 


  1. Tens um pescoço perfeito!...:-)
    Agora a sério, a beber gin em pleno voo não deve ser uma grande maneira de aterrar!

  2. Gostaste da Hamburgueria da Parada? Então vais gostar ainda mais da Hamburgueria Honorato ou da Hamburgueria do Bairro. Da primeira, o melhor é mesmo a esplanada

  3. Aha estas fotos dão-me vontade de dizer "Posso ser tua amiga??" adorei.

  4. ohh adorei o french twist!! Tem um bom fim de semana :)

  5. Que belo aspecto que esse hamburger tem :O

  6. ai o french twist, que lindo que ficou

  7. These photos are wonderful <3 <3 <3
    Keep posting such posts, because these are wonderful !