Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rosaspina Vintage AW 2013

Photography courtesy of Rosaspina Vintage

Rosaspina Vintage A/W 2013 collection is an autumnal fairytale with the quintessential amount of retro charm! It clearly features some early 60's inspired frocks, pleated skirts, rich fabrics, a timeless classic cut, layers of warm hues and pretty collars. There is even this charismatic, whimsical cape, reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood! These pieces are so classy and somewhat preppy, yet so juvenile in a positively sober fashion. Once again, well done, Ale!

If you feel like shopping, feel free to do it in here.


  1. Tens toda a razão, parece mesmo um autumnal fairytale...

  2. fiquei babada já na primeira fotografia, continuei a babar-me ao longo das restantes.

  3. Maravilhosa atmosfera outonal, muito bem captada. O vestido cinzento é muito giro.

  4. awww love the vibe <3

  5. Awww que peças adoráveis e que fotografias deslumbrantes. É a tua cara! :D