Sunday, November 24, 2013

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #32

Everything about this is perfect! The house! The porch! The lake! The autumnal colours!

Meet Sarah, a woman who embraced a modern-day Victorian lifestyle - a fascinating throwback to the 19th Century 

What's not to love about Dalí's Ménagère?

I feel like I might want some navy underwear and this one is just what I had in mind.

If you watch Peaky Blinders, you probably love Ada Shelby's clothes as much as I do.

*Cuteness Alert* Great Dane meets baby goose!

Get instant paper with the coolest toilet paper holder of the history.


  1. A 1ª imagem parece retirada de um conto de fadas, tal como a watermelon suitcase.
    Adorei o vídeo com o cão; extraordinário como ele tem medo do desconhecido, embora esteja curioso...
    Só uma pessoa com tanta paixão pela Fotografia gostaria tanto daquele suporte para papel higiénico....;-)

  2. I love and want it all too :))) The watermelon bag...yes please!! And weirdness...hell yes!! No other way to be, love it!! xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  3. A casa...aquela casa perfeita...

  4. How perfect would that suitcase look in that gingerbread lookie-likey house?! I love them both. Both imaged saved for further lusting.

    Emma x