Thursday, December 5, 2013

First Days of December

It feels like Winter already! My friend Cláudia lives with her boyfriend in the countryside and this was the first time I went to their house. You can't possibly imagine how awkwardly nosy I am - when at someone else's place, I tend to open the drawers, explore the fridge, sneak a peek at every single thing... Oh well.
An afternoon walk under the sunny sky was a lovely idea, apart from the horse shit galore. I just felt like unwinding after a week with no days off at work... Cláudia's cat teasing the dogs in a provocative manner was also worth witnessing.
As you can tell by the colours of my outfit, there were some serious autumnal hues. I rarely wear mustard and finally gave in to this love-it-or-hate-it shade of yellow that actually makes my navy & light grey saddle shoes stand out. A scarlet jumper adds another splash of warmth to the neutral-toned vintage skirt (my mother's friend offered me some of her 1960's wardrobe gems), monochromatic scarf and black beret (the french touch!) and coat. I'm guessing it's an okay outfit for colder days. Layers are fun!


  1. POis, confirma-se, não és nada gira, tu. Nada. SIm, estou a ser irónica ao máximo, aquele close up então estás lindissima. India.

    1. Não, não tinha máquina, recebi de presentinho recentemente.

  2. Aww muito obrigada (:
    Adorei as collants amarelo mostarda e os oxford vintage! És adorável (:

  3. Omg saddle shoes! I want one so bad but don't know where to look for them ahaha! Your outfit is incredibly cute and totally close to my style so I likey <3

  4. És linda, maravilhosa e querida. Mas os cães e o gato, também! Já para não falar da Cláudia, é claro...:-)
    Essas meias mostarda "matam-me!", e eu é que devia ir para o campo com as minhas galochas, e tornar-me agricultora!

  5. Your skirt... I'm in love :) and let me tell you, you look lovely in that outfit.
    I loved the cat and all the other photos. And wherever it is the house of your friend, it seems a good and beautiful place to live in :)
    Where I am it doesn't seem december, but it's so cold already. It's just that it isn't raining, and for me December is all about raining/snowing, cold, fireplaces and blankets... and Christmas too :D and this year it doesn't feel like it. Still, it's a beautiful month :)

  6. I'm totally nosy like you haha, it's nice to find out little things about people by what they have in their house ^.^ Such a perfect winter outfit! xx

  7. opá, a tua amiga vive num lugar de sonho *jealous*
    e tu que gira que és! adorei esse conjunto, todinho.

  8. This is such a charming little post! Your December days are so different to mine becuase I live in Australia it is our summer which means lots of hours spent by the seaside! Happy Holidays to you sweet petal!

    XO's P

  9. Is it just me, or some photos look like they were taken in wonderland? haha

  10. Beautiful photos in a dreamy ambience. Love it. :)