Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top 5: Christmas Songs

Clearly the sexiest Christmas song ever written. Apparently, there is a cover version sung by Kylie Minogue... but the original is always the best!

Shane MacGowan's version of Christmas consists in booze, celtic dancing and swearing - and I love it!
The piano sounds a bit like something composed by Tom Waits and it brings tears to my eyes whenever I'm alone in a pub and I listen to it.

How cool is this one? Gorgeous George has a special place in my heart and this song is a Christmas classic fueled with 80s nostalgia. 

Another 1980s hit! It's actually really catchy, isn't it? And of course, the message plays an important role.
Not to mention... Boy George, Simon LeBon, Sting, Bob Geldof... Oh, Lord! *hysteria*

This song has been covered by many artists, from The Ronettes to The Jackson 5, but of course I had to pick Amy Winehouse's version. 
Her voice will forever remain in our ears and this tune will get anyone into the Christmas mood.


  1. Fairytale of NY é tipo... enm sei, tem um significado ENORME para mim, evoca-me tempos e pessoas que já saíram da minha vida, mas com as quais me ri tanto, tanto ao ponto de fazer xixi nas cuecas - tal não eram as bebedeiras ahahahah

  2. Shane MacGowan is my favorite so far :)
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    Happy Christmas!

  3. Adoro adoro a Santa Baby! ***

  4. last xmas é das unicas que consigo suportar e cantarolar nestes dias ehehe

  5. Não estava à espera da escolha da versão da Amy! Top, top, top! É uma das melhores versões de sempre!