Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eiterquellen by Stefan Fuertbauer

Eiterquellen is a free work on Viennese Wurstel Diners and the little different Viennese fast-food culture. Most of the time these diners are isolated islands of food supply in an ancient surrounding with a dash of cultural heritage. Isolated both in the sense os appearance as well as in the sense of resisting against global operating fast-food chains. But the 'improper' and modern their architecture may appear, the much heritage there is behind the scenes.
Viennese wurstel diners have been introduced during the Austro-Hungarian "K.u.K." Monarchy around 1870 to provide a safe income for wounded war veterans. Since then they became an essential part of the urban culture not by only supplying snacks but also being a meeting spot of the distinctive Viennese working class and the high society, too.
So this is how these wonderful, sometimes quirky places emerged which wrangle with the history though they're part of the same.

The main reason I felt like posting about this project was the fact that I am always in the mood for a hot dog after nocturnal hours of indulging in hard spirits.


  1. wow these photos are electric! i always have a high appreciation for night time photos, just because mine always turn out so hideously poor. I really like how the focal points look like they're emerging from the darkness, these are awesome!

    xo marlen
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  2. Faz-me lembrar as roulottes antes de alguns jogos de futebol....

  3. these photos are so haunting and neat! plus i'd love a good hot dog stand after midnight haha

  4. Este post deu-me uma fome desgraçada! Antes vendiam-se coiratos antes dos jogos de futebol ali no Alvalade. eheh