Friday, January 24, 2014

Memory Lane: Mel & Nancy's Notebook - 2003/2004 Secondary School Journals

This was the journal I used to keep along with my dear friend and former classmate Mel, back in 2003-2004. She is still one of my best friends, even after more than a decade later. Jack Sparrow, cute animals, Cosmo sex tips, Kurt Cobain, Converse... It was really like stepping into our world at that time. Our friendship really played a major role in my youth, shaping it and opening my mind to new horizons (she introduced me to The Prodigy and snuff mint tobacco ahah!) . 
The thing about me and Mel is that we were always so different (in every sense) yet always got along just fine, despite of everything, and it's funny that we maintain the spark of our connection, and that we managed to keep in touch for ages. Most people who went to school together go separate ways and things rarely get to be closer like the way it was, it's never the same thing again. With us, it's still the same, really. No matter how many years have passed us by, me and Mel still have some sort of understanding and everything between us comes natural.
This notebook's schedule was like: one day written by me and my mood and in the next day given to Mel for her to write her ramblings or whatever she was into... and so on, and so on. The last page never came.

MiniDisc! Listening to Saint Etienne's Filthy over and over again! The MD was given to me by a weirdo who happened to be Mel's flatmate.

I am still that randomly silly. Don't ask.

The This or That game was one of my obsessions.

It's kind of bittersweet to read this diary/scrapbook again, after all this time. First ticket to a rave party in the middle of nowhere, postcards, pictures of my neighbourhood, collages, snaps I took in Germany, dreamy promises, pop culture, gossip...

Check this out! We even had our own secret writing! It was Mel's idea. It wasn't that hard to decipher though.

Condoms and Coyote Ugly... Right.

It's funny how the last page is still a blank one. We never finished this notebook. That's Lara Croft and the London tube map... and a tip on how to achieve rose-tinted lips.


  1. How charming! I can't wait until i can look back on nostalgic treasures like this.

  2. Lápis novoooos! cena mais porreira de sempre :|

  3. Meu que cena mais bacana!!!! Recordou-me a minha pp adolescência em que eu e a minha melhor amiga do liceu escrevíamos livros a meias, o mais "famoso" - entre a nossa turma - dos quais foi uma paródia de terror recheadinha dos gaijos bons da cena metal de LX da altura em papéis altamente ridiculos e cómicos. Muito bom, este recordar do passado.

  4. É tão bom reencontrar esses tesouros e recordar esses tempos!! :) Os meus cadernos escolares dessa altura tinham umas capas com decorações muito idênticas, kurt cobain, johnny depp e coisas random escritas com corrector não falhava :p

  5. Olá! Já estou a seguir o teu blog!
    Gosto tanto de ver os cadernos assim.

  6. Wow. Que fantástico. Sempre tive diários, mas nunca partilhei um.

    A Strangeness in me Blog

  7. aww I love this! look back at old journals is great. I spy Jack Sparrow and Twiggy <3 (I was crazy about Jack hehe) xx

  8. damn it, que fiquei tao nostalgica... revi me muito no que disseste sobre a vossa amizade. e tanta coisa q eu tb tinha assim do genero (infelizmente ja n tenho muita coisa, nao por vontade propria - thanks mom-) e os inqueritosssss! era obcecada ahahaha tava sempre a responder e a impingi los aos amigos!