Monday, February 17, 2014

NYFW Fall 2014: WILDFOX Couture Sense & Eccentricity

WILDFOX Creative Director Kimberley Gordon presented the label's Fall 2014 collection, Sense & Eccentricity, inspired by "Jane Austen's fantasy world, England ans sisters". This is the very first time Wildfox Couture debuts a collection in New York Fashion Week and the show was clearly British-inspired and also influenced by references such as romantic English Literature, countryside romance, British Invasion and grunge-styled street urchins. This line had me at the bohemian florals, the marshmallow pastels, the cupcake hues, the feminine yet edgy details and, of course, the flowy loungewear combined with standout boots stuffed with flowers.
Fabrics like denim, cotton, toile and slouchy knit bond with fun, tastefully juvenile and playful elements, resulting into an effortlessly chic, romance themed range. All the looks are carefree and laid-back, suitable for a relaxed weekend at home or a walk in the meadow. Youthful layered pieces and airy silhouettes paired with intimates create the perfect outfit for an overcast Sunday afternoon spent in the garden with your hangover, cozy tea time with a boozy twist or a slumber party.
Models looked healthy and pretty, displaying loose, beachy hair, adorned with flower crowns and beanies. I also noticed their soft and adorably rose-tinted make-up, with pink cheeks for a lovely daisy-fresh look, saluting the good old "keep it simple" and "less is more".
The Sense & Eccentricity collection will be available online in July. Prices are not very wallet-friendly though - expect them to range from $28 to $288. Personally, I absolutely love the pink "I Need A Drink" statement sweater - a tribute to happy hour, perhaps?


  1. Personally, I need the boots. And I do mean it. I had a very similar pair once upon a long ago, and images of drink infused afternoons spent in the British countryside, traipsing in and out of old graveyards, having dreadful poetry neing read to me in tones of gloom and doom immediately spring to mind...

  2. Achei essa coleção um pouco fraca e bem comum. Já vi outras roupas dessa marca que estavam maravilhosas! Lembro de uma coleção há alguns anos atrás que pirei, queria tudo hahaha.

  3. Ainda não conhecia a colecção, gostei muito! São tudo coisas que eu usaria :) gostei principalmente das camisolas e do primeiro vestido!

    R: Não fui sozinha, fui com uma amiga que conheci no erasmus. Acho que devias! É uma experiência muito enrriquecedora, vale mesmo a pena :)

  4. Mrs Darcy, awwww!
    Eu usei maçãs verdes mas é à escolha do freguês, acho que qualquer uma há-de ficar boa :)

  5. I always love her slogan tees. She did Mermaid themed ones a while a go and I was smitten. I am sold with this too, because I totally want to be Mrs Darcy- the one that married Colin Firth of course!

    Emma x

  6. mrs darcy. thats all i can think of <3

  7. <3 Mr.Darcy! Even when he's all upset and grumpy :)))