Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Photos of Paris in the 1920s

I though I should share these beautifully dramatic black and white photos of Paris in the 1920s, taken by Pierre-Yves Petit, better known simply as Yvon, so we can all feel like travelling back in time. Yvon wandered the streets of Paris, capturing the city's iconic charm and beauty at its best. Such enchanting images became popular postcards in France, contributing to immortalize the Parisian essence we all are fascinated with.


  1. adoro ver estas coisas e pensar que daqui a uns anos vamos ver as fotos dos nossos contemporâneos e ter (talvez) um certo sentido de nostalgia :)

  2. Fotografias muito bonitas. Ah La Seine!...:-)
    (...) Je ne sais, ne sais, ne sais pas pourquoi
    On s'aime comme ça la seine et moi." (...)

  3. Just as beautiful then as it is now...I adore Paris xx

  4. WOW these pictures are amazing! So beautiful and they have a spooky sort of feel to them as well.

  5. muito bom. adoro estas imagens.

  6. What a wonderful Post! Love the Photos :)
    follow new ,mind follow back?

    big Hugs :)

  7. Paris was really pretty back then!

    x Dawn

  8. Oh hello pretty Paris! My bf is living in Paris for a few months doing research so I am sending him a link to this. He's so boring, he hasn't explored much yet, hopefully this will be an inspiration. Either that or I will drag him out when I visit.
    If I link him after I publish this comment I wonder if he will notice that I am talking about him?

    Emma x

  9. Se Paris é já a minha cidade favorita, imagina-la e vê-la com o ambiente tão característico dos anos 20 parte-me o coração por ser tão belo! Ai <3


  10. What a set of gorgeous, inspiring photos. The light and shadows are breathtaking!