Sunday, February 9, 2014

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #43

How cosy is this bedroom?

If you're into creepy stuff, you have to go to the Island of the Dolls, one of the world's scariest tourist attractions. 
The sinister story behind this location is particularly haunting...

You have to watch this. This guy is a hero.

This photo, taken by Ella Masters, is just beautiful.

This dog has the right priorities.

This phone case is adorable!

Lady Grantham has hidden talents, apparently...

Such a cute skirt!


  1. Oh gosh I think that doll island would actually be my worst nightmare! *shivers*

  2. That room on the first picture is perfect, I would
    love to live there.
    And I love the phone case
    and that adorable skirt. :)

  3. Muito interessante a foto da mulher sentada nos escombros a beber calmamente o seu chá.
    E a beagle é fantástica!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the video of the baby mouse being freed, replaced a teeny bit of faith in me for humanity.

  5. So great bedroom, phone case is soooo cute & the mighty lion is awesome wid the bloody ice

  6. A ilha das bonecas é qq coisa, creeps me out.

  7. That island of the dolls. I actually want to go there, hahaha!

    x Dawn

  8. I love that bedroom, I really like it when beds are in nooks! The doll island looks really creepy in a good way, I sort of want to visit (the story behind it is sad, though).

  9. damn, essa ilha é qualquer coisa!

  10. I would love to go to that doll island, it sounds creepy yet very cool :)

  11. That video was very educational, I now know what to do if I see a mouse in the same situation. It did make me sad though, it was thrashing around... :(

    Emma x