Thursday, March 6, 2014

What I've Been Watching #3

Gravity » Being adrift in space must be a terrible experience. This movie is thrilling, and also a nice pick for anyone who's interested in Astronomy. The visuals are pretty impressive and Sandra Bullock does a great job (can you believe she's nearly 50?!). Plot wise... It's no big deal, obviously. I'm usually not into special effects and Hollywood blockbusters in general but Gravity is not so bad. It won a bunch of Oscars for some reason. I should've watched it on a big screen though.

Her » Some of my friends looooved this film but for me it was just... good and nothing beyond that. However, I found the concept of a cyber romance very interesting and relatable to reality nowadays and in the future. Plus, Joaquin Phoenix is one of my favourite actors. There's "forever alone" written all over this film; it's an insightful modern tale of love, technology, loneliness and isolation. Still, too long and a bit boring for my taste.

Philomena » This film is based on the true story of Philomena Lee, an Irish woman who had her son taken away when she was a teenage inmate of a Catholic convent. Martin Sixsmith is the former journalist who aided her pursuing the truth. Once again, Judi Dench is an absolute marvel with her acting and Steve Coogan is not bad either. This film made me smile and also made me cry. It's a simple yet heartbreaking story of loss and forgiveness. As an atheist myself, I loathe the Catholic church... and this film was just one more reason for me to keep on being a proud atheist. If you liked Philomena, you must watch The Magdalene Sisters, which was even better. 

Nebraska » I ended up liking this film more than I expected! Bruce Dern and June Squibb are such great actors! This film has a peculiar sense of humour and is visually beautiful, not to mention the father and son relationship. Everything about Nebraska is low key and slow but very poignant, offering the viewers a bleak view of ignorance, greed, stupidity, desolation, meaningless endeavour, remoteness and decrepitude. There is something so incredibly REAL about every single character, with many quietly, lingering and funny moments in brilliant scenes. This is not a film for everyone but if you love cinema, watch it.

Captain Phillips » I knew this movie wouldn't be exactly my cup of tea but I still wanted to watch it, so I could have an opinion about it. The true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama is fueled with action, drama, tension and despair. Barkhad Abdi steals the show and Tom Hanks gives a great performance as usual - their scenes together are very interesting and engaging. I didn't love it but it was worth watching.

The Counselor » I don't get why so many people disliked this film. It's not Ridley Scott's best film obviously but it's still very good. You will either love it or hate it, that's it. Bardem co-acting with Fassbender is just brilliant, I love their dialogues and there are many memorable scenes, like the one involving Cameron Diaz and a Ferrari...! The cinematography is beautiful, with exotic aesthetics and well thought angles. Besides, some of the death scenes are quite creative. In a nutshell, a tragic fable of greed and its most terrifying consequences.

Before Midnight » Jesse and Celine have changed a lot since their first meeting in Vienna almost 20 years ago. For those who believe in fairy tales and happy endings... Well, watch this film. Marriage is as flawed as it gets and not even this couple is an exception. The performances are effortlessly amazing, specially Julie Delpy's. The film takes place in Greece, at the end of their vacation. These two always looked like a real couple, accurately capturing the highs and lows of being married and the emotional struggle of keeping their love alive and make it work even after the romance is gone. If you've seen the first two films, do not miss this one.

August: Osage County » The Weston family couldn't get more dysfunctional. This is such a powerful film! The viewers are allowed to witness the lives and paths of the Westons, who gather in Oklahoma, where toxic interaction, confrontation and dark humour await. All the characters are unhappy and once altogether in the Midwest, their worst comes to the surface. The acting is terrific, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts are electrifying. I didn't expect Benedict Cumberbatch to be in it, it was a pleasant surprise! August: Osage County is definitely a must-see.

Inside Llewyn Davis » I've watched this one last night. Folk music is not something I am passionate about but the whole film, with or without music, is so wonderfully atmospheric! Seriously, the cinematography couldn't get any better! It's Greenwich Village in 1961 and the folk scene is flourishing. Garrett Hedlund looks ultra-cool and fucking hot, Justin Timberlake sings and Carey Mulligan plays one of the best roles of her career (and it's nice to see her dark-haired for a change). I didn't empathize with Llewyn the slightest but I felt sorry for him every now and then. I got bored several times as the film is very quiet but anyway, it's still a good cinematic experience.


  1. Gostava de ver Philomena e Nebraska.

  2. Never seen any of these movies, but I will have to check them out xx

  3. After Midnight e August: Osage County estão na minha lista. Sim sou uma Delpy e Hawke freak, e quando vi o 1º filme foi tipo "ahahah, eu podia ter escrito esta merda!!" pois vivi uma cena parecidita um dia numa viagem de comboio. Vi o segundo filme, e vou ter de ver o terceiro. E o outro é assumidamente por causa da Streep e do Cumberbatch.

  4. Dois filmes da tua lista que vi \m/ O Her e o Philomena. Gostei bastante do Her (/sigh, tenho uma queda por dramatismos de forever alone :| ) e também gostei imenso do Philomena, especialmente da Philomena!

  5. I haven't seen any of the movies besides Gravity so I think I have to start watching again. I think in order to really be amazed by Gravity it has to be seen on the big screen, maybe even IMAX. Since I'm a space lover I saw it in the movies and I was amazed by the visuals & the music was absolutely amazing :)

  6. Thank you for this! I'm a film-o-holic and I've already put like 4 films out of your post to my watchlist (others I have seen already too). I think it's an awesome post!

  7. Não vi os 5 últimos que postaste mas quanto aos restantes, partilho praticamente a mesma opinião que tu. O Her, para mim, foi uma desilusão. Gostei muito do início e vi-lhe um potencial imenso, mas depois foi sempre a descer. Aborreceu-me muito, ao ponto de eu quase adormecer 3 vezes. Foi uma pena! :/ Quanto ao Philomena, adorei. Grande história, mesmo; e vou dar uma vista de olhos pelo filme que aconselhaste :)

  8. acreditas que nunca vi o primeiro filme desses com a julie? lol é ridiculo, tendo em conta q eu adoro a (e o filme 2 dias em paris, dos meus preferidos!)
    estou mortinha pra ver o her, mas nao encontro de jeito na net. de resto muitos da lista, quero ver por tambem se ter falado muito neles (gravity, captain phillips...) mas nao tenho grandes expectatvas.
    quanto ao the counselor, fiquei curiosa, mas mortes curiosas, hmm.. algo que inclua olhos? lol tenho assim uma coisa grave em ver cenas com olhos, sejam gore ou nao. makes me sick. :p

    giveaway no blog, participa! :)