Sunday, April 27, 2014

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #54

Wouldn't you just love to spend this Sunday afternoon in this cool terrace?

Believe it or not, those ants are not real. They have been hand-painted in vintage porcelain by La Philie.

Here's my new addiction. Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton are amazing together!

Such an adorable illustration! Gotta love hedgies!

This bathroom is lush!

Easter Rising 50th anniversary stamps in 1966 - commemorating never felt so right.

This house is perfect.


  1. The terrace from the first picture is perfect, I also like the bathroom,
    the windows are so wonderful. :)
    Oh, and the illustration with the hedgehogs is adorable.
    The gif with the spider scared me at first because I am so afraid of
    spiders, but when I took a closer look, I even find that this spider is
    a really cute one. :)

  2. I love that terrace! would be cool to have a birthday there. Fargo is amazing! Have you seen the original with Steve Buscemi?


  3. once again, loved everything in your sunday best post. the first picture is really how i would want to spend every day in the summer if possible. reminds me so much of when i lived in new york. also really love hand-painted ants on the porcelain. thanks for some great sunday inspiration!

    rae of lovefromberlin

  4. Gostei dos ouricinhos, fez-me lembrar o Abel ...:-(
    A aranha faz-se clumsy, mas não é...:-)

  5. Ainda hoje estava a falar com um amigo da vontade terrível que tenho de ter um terraço/jardim que nem a imagem de cima <3 Adorei aquela casa de banho ^^

  6. Opa aquelas porcelanas com as formigas são tão engraçadas. Pensava mesmo que era a sério! Que brutal, até vou guardar a imagem.

  7. Woah that ant porcelain is crazy. I'd love to bring that out to guests ahah. And that spider gif was not cool >:(

  8. Chávenas com bicharocos desenhados não me assistem muito --'...já o terraço e a casa...^^

  9. I've been trying to tell people for years that spiders are cute but nobody believes me! I love the tea set with the ants. Perfect for freaking people out at a picnic. x

  10. those porcelains are like my worst nightmare.

    the ink is so awesome!

  11. Ohhhh a aranha é tão cómica e fofa! Tadinha, assustou-se!

  12. jazuz formigas. não.

  13. I need that ant tea set! It is so cute. I would like it more if it had an awkward jumpy spider on one of the pieces though. What a cutie!

    Emma x