Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Of Overeating and Polyphagia

I don't know about your eating habits but mine are getting a bit out of hand. I've always loved to eat - kebabs, pasta, curry, hot dogs, salmon, swordfish, cheesecake, chocolate, bacon and eggs, grilled cheese, ginger biscuits, blueberry muffins, chicken nuggets, pizza, fudgy brownies, peaches and cream, burritos, mushroom soup, chop suey, tuna quiche, mozzarella sticks, lime pie, garlic bread... I could go on and on! Eating is a primal pleasure and I can't even imagine myself going vegan or on a diet. Unless, of course, it was a matter of life or death. I've been noticing a dramatic increase in my appetite, almost like some sort of neverending gluttony that makes me eat like a pig for several hours straight. And sometimes I'm not even hungry! I just feel this impulsive compulsion taking over. I spend 10 minutes in the kitchen as soon as I get home after finishing work, usually around 10pm or later. I feel mentally and physically exhausted, not only because of the working shift itself but also because going to work and coming back home involves me and my bicycle becoming allies. As soon as I get my meal ready, I take it to my bedroom, where I manage to eat in my bed whilst watching movies. By the time I finish the meal, I would gladly repeat it. Or eat something else. But then I feel too lazy, too tired and a bit too guilty, if not too full already. I can't tell why I eat like this, specially before sleep! I know I'm quite hyper by night time but this is not healthy at all. It's not like I am eating a salad or a yogurt. I go for the greasiest, saltiest, sweetest food - it's truly a matter of satisfaction. My anxiety also generates all sorts of compulsions and eating is just a part of the problem. This is actually a hilarious situation though: I compare myself with vultures, since they are unable to fly after they eat so much they get way too full and heavy to uplift at all. Maybe my life is so dull and tedious that I just see eating as an entertaining hobbie. Fuck knows. Let's not make a drama out of it.


  1. Podia dar-te inúmeras teorias acerca deste assunto, mas let's not make a drama out of it, certo??? Take care, girl.

  2. oh my gosh this post made me laugh (not sure it was supposed to!) but I can sympathise with the whole anxiety thing. Despite the fact I'm not skinny, I don't seem to stress eat. I just go a bit crazy, shut myself away and act like nothing is happened until someone makes me break outta my crazy! Alsoo, thanks for visiting my blog! I googled those words and I knew what chorizo was :) (yum) but I didn't know what the other thing was hahaha. I do now!

    Haaappy Spring!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  3. I eat, constantly. It's 11.30 pm where I am and I'm about to go to the kitchen and get some cereal haha.

    Also, I met Debbie Harry after a gig she played in Galway (where I live) about 3 years ago, I got the tickets for my 16th birthday and managed to sneak backstage, she was just as insanely beautiful in real life xx

  4. My whole life practically revolves around eating and Trip Advisor is my best friend because of it. Genuinely may have started drooling at this post. xx

  5. I totally feel you... most days, the main thing I look forward to is what I'm gonna eat for lunch, dinner, a snack etc. I eat when I'm happy, sad, whenever!

  6. Ri-me com este teu post! :P ahah
    I feel you ... não há nada melhor que comer. Ás vezes basta esta aborrecida para pensar "bem... se calhar tenho fome" e ir à cozinha preparar qualquer coisa :3

  7. I feel you, how I feel you! Mas tou com a Miranda nesta. Sem grandes dramas mas não reprimas esta coisa ou ignores