Friday, June 6, 2014

What I've Been Watching #6

SHADOW DANCER (2012) » Set in 1990s Belfast, this is the story of a  woman who was simultaneously a single mother, an IRA member, a daughter, a sister and a spy. Andrea Riseborough delivers a solid performance in this riveting thriller which premiered at Sundance. This is not just another film about the Troubles, it's a compelling tale of tragedy lurking in the streets of suspense, recreating the atmosphere of the catholic working class neighbourhoods in dim colours. Only maybe a bit too slow-paced for its own good.

LA FEMME DU VÈME (2011) » This film is a dark European thriller entering and exiting a man's psyche; a mystery that will make the audience question what is real and what is fantasy. An American novelist comes to Paris to deal with some family issues and ends up in a sleazy, dank hotel in the suburbs. Eventually he meets this charming lady played by the gorgeous Kristin Scott Thomas and everything gets confusing and unclear (deliberately, I suppose), I even lost track of what was really going on. It's a very enigmatic plot with a very hostile atmosphere and obscure cinematography. I didn't fully understand the ending but I guess there's room for many interpretations.

THE IMMIGRANT (2013) » Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix star in this melodramatic tale set in the land of opportunity back in the early 1920s. It's impressive how Cotillard speaks Polish so convincingly - her performance is magnificent. This film is a bit of a cliché but it works just fine by embracing a story about hope, love, illusion, greed, survival, shattered dreams and ultimately, forgiveness. The American Dream turning into a nightmare with an outstanding set, photography, costumes and direction.  

LOVELACE (2013) » This is the story about Linda Lovelace and it also depicts the porn industry in the 1970s - not exactly a matter of interest but still a biopic worth watching. Amanda Seyfried does a nice job (no pun intended) and James Franco as Hugh Hefner is just awesome! Peter Sarsgaard's performance is also pretty good. This film is entertaining albeit unimpressive.

THE PUNK SINGER (2013) » Every woman should watch this documentary! I absolutely loved it. I'm a huge fan of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. Kathleen Hanna has always been a source of inspiration to me - as a woman, as a musician, as an activist and as an icon. She made the riot grrrl scene happen! A feminist movement that made other women around the world aware of their own rights... How cool is that?

SENNA (2010) » I couldn't care less about F1 but this documentary was really something. Ayrton Senna is often referred as the greatest driver who ever lived. His short life and tragic death made him a legend, a champion and a superstar. This film follows Ayrton's world of fame and success; it also sneaks into his private life but never in a distasteful way.


  1. The immigrant was pretty boring in my eyes looool.

  2. i had a phase from middle school to early high school time when i never missed a single F1 race. though my time in F1 was post-Senna, it was Schummacher time. i'm gonna look for that documentary. Shadow Dancer sounds interesting

  3. I need to see these movies, they sound great x

  4. Ouço Marion Cotillard e arrebito logo as orelhas :3

  5. tenho qui o punk singer e ainda n vi, argh!!! que falha!
    e tb quero ver o lovelacE!!

  6. Thank you for these films ! I was looking for good positions and I found them : )