Sunday, July 6, 2014

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #61

Chloë looks amazing in these photos. I can't believe she's nearly 40.

These are awesome.

This is such an incredible idea (because terrarium porn is always worth looking at)!

This 1940s dress would be very welcome in my wardrobe.

This is how perfect looks like.


  1. That bird house though! Makes me want live some place where there are lots of birds and trees so I could have one! <3

  2. omg that bookstore...

  3. I'm going to need the lightening storm cloud, that is amazing!! And I also need the plants...well all of these things, haha. So cool doll :) xx

  4. ai a Chloë! e era meia dúzia de nuvens daquelas fashabor!

  5. the bookstore is just epic!
    and the bird house, so cute...I just saw the Budapest hotel movie, it's fun.. but then again, it is wes anderson...gotta love it!

  6. Tempestade na minha sala? NO thanks, tenho pavor de tempestades, de raios e de trovões.