Monday, November 10, 2014

I don't want good things to walk out the door

Reality hits harder than any bad dream - specially when combined with a barbed wired routine. If we don't want good things in life to come to an end, what are we supposed to do? Accept it? Try the good old fresh start by turning life as we know it upside down? Hibernate in our warm bed until something makes us motivated enough to quit our snoozy seclusion from society? In the meantime, I am working hard on my CV (skills and tasks... what the actual fuck?), sleeping and waking up late, taking Trammies to numb my period cramps, eating apples every day, making well-deserved travel plans and collecting random snapshots.


  1. Eu aposto sempre no hibernar, mesmo acordada, sempre hibernando.

  2. Really beautifully written post. I myself am not quite sure how we are supposed to deal with unwanted change. I suppose the best that we can do is try to learn how to gracefully accept anything the world throws us in our direction.

  3. A realidade não é por vezes mais do que uma fantasmagoria.
    O segredo da vida é não dramatizar, embora certas opções possam ser dramáticas.

  4. Everything must come to an end, ie: change, evolve, turn round, back up. Nothing remains static, not even a stone or a rock, who must face erosion through time, thus becoming something different. Good moments end, but they make way for other good moments to come, and they remain in our thoughts, our memories, as warm as fleece blankets on a cold winter's night. I do not subscribe to hybernating, neither to the quiet acceptance of all, sometimes it is god that one rebels, and yells, ad screams, and does not conform - thus change will happen, inside our souls, leading to changes on the outside to. The secret shoud be coming to terms with endings and finding balance in both acceptance and denial of them.

    1. I meant "good and not god, obviously."

  5. I appreciate this so much!
    I've been thinking so much about a good thing ending in my life and how scary that is. I'm trying to focus on new things starting instead but it's so much easier said than done.

    Beautiful photos by the way :) xx

  6. I am in a position in lifewhen I feel like losing what I love is inevitable. I do not want to live to see it happening, I migt bend, I might break, who knows. God.

  7. Tenho para mim que temos de procurar aquilo que nos faz bem e, feliz ou infelizmente esforçarmo-nos por elas. Não é fácil e há dias que só apetece estar em posição fetal a balançar para trás e para a frente. Tenho alguns desses. Mas o importante é o que fazemos com os dias em que estamos bem e dispostos a enfrentar a multidão - principalmente a da nossa cabeça - e fazer disso o nosso ponto de partida. It sucks, but it's true!