Friday, January 30, 2015


Cork is all about nice people, cosy pubs and one of the greatest moments of my Irish experience: strolling through English Market (a very ironic name for a market located in The Rebel County). From gourmet hot dogs (!) to chocolate truffles, you really can find anything over there. It was a splendid sunny day, incredibly so. The silver tones of the riverfront nearly blinded me with the sunlight reflected. I wanted to visit Cobh in the same afternoon but it didn't happen. Maybe next time.


  1. Hey, tanto chocolate!...Pelo menos não estava a chover!
    Um ar um pouco decadente, não?... Gosto das portas coloridas
    e a ponte é bonita.

  2. Lovely pics yet again. What are the flowers and signs about? :(

  3. Aiaiaiaiaaiaii, as vistas!!!!

  4. Suas fotos estão cada vez mais lindas, estão adorando! <3

  5. gorgeous post, amazing pictures :)
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)


  6. Your blog is really inspiring me to go back to Dublin and take some day trips out to other places. I'd love to go back in 2016 for the one hundred year anniversary of their independence - I imagine they will have some wonderful celebrations!

    I meant to ask - did you ever write about your trip to Glasgow? I can't see it on your blog but I thought I'd double-check. I'd love to see my city through your eyes.


  7. A foto com os edifícios à beira da água e o reflexo deles está um mimo! E aquelas bandeirolas? Adoro esses enfeites assim nas cidades, juntamente com os anúncios e publicidades :)

  8. Looks like a neat place! It kind of reminds me of a few other places I can't place, but it's somehow got this familiar feel to it :)