Friday, July 10, 2015

What's been keeping me away from blogging more often

I always find an excuse to dress like a flapper.

I've missed a Grand Budapest Hotel themed party and I can't forgive myself for that. However, I have been a social animal every now and then, when my mood allows so. Friends, acquaintances, strangers... There is room for everyone. Only for short periods of time, obviously. It can be pretty exhausting, this dealing-with-people-thing.

Consumption and preparation of food makes one a busy bee. Currently obsessing over garlicky sweet potatoes, tzatziki, falafels, hummus, mozarella and sweet chili sauce. No wonder the food is what I miss the most about my country.

It's happening: I am learning Irish! Just for the craic. And for the challenge, of course. Being able to understand only a little bit of this dead language will feel like communicating in High Valyrian! But it's SO. FUCKING. DIFFICULT.

Posing with direwolves to make up for the GOT ending is always a good idea. It's Summer and I'm still wearing tights!

DUBLIN PRIDE was all things fabulous and uplifting! The LGBTQ Pride Village in Merrion Square was just like Wonderland. Rainbows, unicorns and a high of hope made people feel like Ireland is now a more tolerant and open-minded nation.


  1. As fotos da comida mataram-me! Ohhhh Kaz <3
    Quando se tem vida é muito dificil blogares. Acho que precisas mesmo de ser blogger profissional para teres paciência para isto.

    1. eu tenho vida e blogo... experimenta teres um puto de férias para cuidares e vais ver se não tens vida, até tens mais vida do que aquela que desejavas muahahahahah!!! Humus é TUDO DE BOOOOM!!!

  2. Looks like you've been having lots of Dublin fun times! Good luck with the Irish learning!

  3. Pobre Kaz!!...Ter de estar sujeito a tantos aromas numa cozinha repleta de convites sensoriais!:-)

  4. Tanta comida boa ahah!
    Adorei as fotos :3

    Ana ♥

  5. adorei as fotografias e qmd cozinhar assim, aw.

  6. Era só para avisar que já tens resposta ao teu comentário no meu último post, mas depois de ver estas fotos ... sublinho a minha última frase no comentário que te deixei hahah

  7. Look like really good excuses to me! :-)


  8. Grand Budapest Hotel theme party!? Oh my! Sounds like a dream! I would kill myself if I didn't go there! Anyway you look beautiful ! your eyes are just wow

  9. Lovely pictures, really captivating! You look so elegant and that food...mamma mia! Ciao from Italy :)

  10. ahhhhh learning irish, omg so coool! love it <3
    and i wish i was your friend in real life.. love those pics ahah

  11. This post makes me really miss being in Ireland! I spent a whole year doing my best to learn Irish and it is such a fun time, but it is most certainly difficult as hell. I remember always asking people how they thought the word "fuinneog" would be spelled given how it's pronounced. I think the only phrase I'll remember forever is, "be mhaith liom tae" because I said it every day when I was there!
    ♡Mariah Alysz
    Rya Pie

  12. Tá-me é a parecer que só há coisas giras pra se ir aí nesse sítio! Tás mesmo linda de flapper possa! Essa roupa e uma foto que tens com um casacão branco devem ser dos outfits que mais gostei de te ver :)

  13. Having Irish as a compulsory subject can be such a pain but at the same time I still want to be able to speak a bit of the language of my country! I applaud you for trying to learn! x