Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Deers, Daisies and Dandelions

Phoenix Park, North Side's own Bambiland. Long days spent among intimidating stags and dainty fawns. Grass so green, begging for an impromptu picnic (smoked cheese, grapes and salmon crostini come to mind), at least before the ominpresent Irish Summer rain takes over. Leafy echoes surround my lonesome footsteps towards Magazine Fort, a few minutes away from that ridiculous Papal Cross where the Ashtown kids gather, eating 99s and listening to Calvin Harris as the twilight is late and distant. I see a few more antlers camouflaged somewhere between the bushes and the trees. The Cadbury bar I carry in my pocket melts and I suddenly remember that Winter is over - until further notice.


  1. Oh are those deer just wild ones roaming around? They look so perfect and cartoon-like!

  2. Que paraíso de parque, eu enlouquecia a passear aí!!!

  3. Isto sim. Verde, tão verde e animais, é o local
    que terei decerto mais prazer em visitar.
    Maravilhosas fotos, my "deer". :-))