Monday, April 24, 2017

Conall McCabe's SerialKiller Exhibition at Gallery X

Gallery X has to be the coolest, most underrated art gallery in Dublin city centre (you probably passed by it endless times in South William Street without noticing it). Every single exhibition rarely fails to meet my expectations and there is a constant macabre, obscure theme that makes this little spot unique.

Conall McCabe's watercolour portraits are beyond disturbing, in the best way possible. I was transfixed by the fascinatingly haunting faces, eyes and expressions I've seen many times before in documentaries, tabloids and criminology books. Sure you're wondering "who the fuck wants to have Ramirez framed on the wall?" but the concept is more about depth rather than decorative purposes. I loved how these monsters were captured - Aileen  Wuornos looked nightmarish in blue hues and some shades of red were spot on, considering the way we imagine such horrifying entities of evil and how they invade our minds with fear and unsettling unease.


  1. Such an interesting exhibition! Thanks for sharing dear :)


  2. Todos os serial killers têm um olhar que se perdeu.

  3. Oh, I like this...sounds like EXACTLY the place I've been looking for. Thanks Nancy!