Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Die Antwoord's "Cookie Thumper" Official Music Video

Album: Donker Mag
Label: ZEF Recordz
Directed by Ninja
Cinematography by Alexis Zabe
Guest cinematography by Paul Gilpin
Edited by Saki Fokken Bergh
Post production by Left
Produced by ZEF Filmz in association with VICE
Serviced by Elfstone Pictures and Reeleyes Films
Wardrobe by Gabrielle De Gersigny
Art Department: Kezia Eales and Shaun Baskind
Titlez and Grafik D-Zine by Poesbek aka Leri Muthafukn Greere

South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord have released the official music video for the track “Cookie Thumper.” Directed by Ninja, the video centers around Yo-Landi Vi$$er’s character who has a crush on a gangster recently released from prison. The track comes off of Die Antwoord’s upcoming album Donker Mag set to be released in February 2014.
The duo will be going on the European Blonde All Over tour and will also start filming their first feature film with director Neill Blomkamp - they'll be playing themselves in the sci-fi comedy, "Chappie". I can't wait!


  1. Não conhecia o video! Está muito fixe :)

  2. ahhhh, adoro! fico sempre abismada com os vídeos deles

  3. Not my groove. At all.

  4. Chist on a bike! Coisa mais sem graça....:-)

  5. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    I watched it the other day - freaky!

    Have a great day,