Sunday, June 23, 2013

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #11

Jokko has to be the most attractive female DJ in the whole Europe. Swedish girls can spin!

Depeche Mode's Heaven has been stuck in my head for days!

Let's all take a break and appreciate Bérénice Marlohe's charm.

If you're feeling hungry, take a look at these death row's final meals.

If you are into strange creatures, you can find 22 extraordinary specimens here. Oh, and say hello to this yeti crab.

Add a macabre touch to your coffee with these skull and crosses sugarcubes!

Rum is not even my top beverage but I need this ASAP! And this is the second time I mention Kraken in one single post...

The anatomy of a jumbo freezie or how to evoke my childhood.


  1. Not Kraken, Cthullhu... ;)

  2. Bom, hoje fiz uma salada de polvo com polvo que também era enorme, mas não, não tão enorme como esse...;-)

  3. Não conhecia aquela DJ mas é muito bonita!
    E que polvo enorme! Que medo!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  4. such lovely photos <3

  5. That Kraken rum is great- taste and bottle. Very pirates of the Caribbean! Also, thanks to linking to the death row meals- how weird is that?! I linked boyfriend, it is something he would enjoy. He would so be the guy with the sole olive- pit included...

    Em x

  6. these photos are so so lovely!

  7. Love these posts and Depeche Mode, I went to see them recently and it was incredible :) xx