Sunday, July 7, 2013

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #13

This editorial is to die for! So many cute details, bright pastel colours and playful dolly-like styling.

Heels, stockings, black and white... I'm in love with this classy dominatrix take on the catwalk! 
Ulyana Sergeenko HC Fall 2013, as kinky chic as it gets.

Italian product designer Liviana Osti designed these carafes — two glasses, one with 1.5 litres of water and another with 1.5 litres of red wine — that form a human heart when joined together. Every set is individually produced by glass blower Tommaso Colesanti. 

Bob Verschueren - Wind Paintings (1978) "Crushed charcoal, iron oxide, chalk, terra verte, flour, yellow ochre, terre de Cassel, burnt and natural umber, laid out in a linear motif along the land… Verschueren would wait for the wind to distribute the colored pigments and materials over the land. The resulting work was a stunning collaboration between man and nature. The artwork usually only lasted a few hours before the wind that created them likewise blew them away."  WOW!

This whale chart by Ashlie Chavez is so pretty.

I love this suit paired with the leather gloves. Killer style.

Women of the IRA, Alex Bowle (1977) - badass! Tarantino should definitely make a movie featuring IRA kick ass female assassins.

I've found these nostalgic pictures in this flickr.

Keira Knightley stars in this shocking new short film, directed by Joe Wright and brought to you by Women's Aid - the UK's domestic abuse charity.

How adorable is this lingerie collection?! I'm such an underwear addict and this one is beyond lovely! 
Knickerocker is handmade, whimsical and absolutely fun!


  1. Ulyana Sergeenko = <3

  2. Adorei!
    Essa lingerie é tão fofa! :)

  3. With a name like Nancy Wilde i felt i had to follow your blog! Its lovely=]

  4. Oh my word, those carafes are so strikingly, boldly marvelous. I would truly love a set - such a total wishlist item now.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Here in Canada pink lemonade concentrate is sold in the frozen juice aisle of the supermarket, but I know having lived abroad before that it can be mighty hard to find outside of North America. If you can't source it locally, I'd suggest trying a recipe (such as this: for homemade lemonade concentrate instead.

    1. Aww, thank you kindly, Jessica! :) About the carafes... I'm too clumsy to handle such art piece, I'd probably break them while drinking the wine...

  5. Replies
    1. They are - I'd probably break them though, I'm way too clumsy.

  6. Ai aquelas perninhas....aquilo é uma dominatrix?! Lol, nem se aguenta nas canetas... Gostei das Wind Paintings, muito interessante, nunca tinha ouvido falar.
    A lingerie é horrorosa!....:-)

  7. I've never heard of Knightley shot movie before, I'm gonna check it soon. I like these underwears so much, even I'm not sure if I could wear them or not :))

    Btw, if you like, I have a new giveaway with a lace concept in my blog :) So feel free to enter if you want.
    ( )


    1. I would definitely wear that lingerie ahah!
      Keira featured that short film to make people aware of domestic violence :(

  8. I adore the first picture with it's pastel colors! Amazing *O*
    And I heard of the Keira Knightley movie before. I think it's really chocking!
    And the lingerie collection is AWESOME *w*


    1. Celebrities should spread the word more often, you know, about the domestic abuse... The short film was a great idea.

  9. The heart decanter is pretty rad. Just saying. I'd enjoy having that! Wish I had the confidence to publicly go out with my stocking out, looks great!

    Em x

    1. Please, do! You look perfect on your stockings!

  10. love love that picture on the beach!

  11. Também adoro o editorial da primeira foto ;) E essa lingerie? Que coisa mais lindinha!! **

  12. Nice selection! I love the lingerie collection!