Friday, November 1, 2013

"Angels Off Duty" Lookbook for WILDFOX Resort 13-14

Something about the 70's was  just so care-free. It was a decade that celebrated gimmicky entertainment, rainbow colors, Rock and Roll music, and especially bombshells. Farrah Fawcett in that red swimsuit, fanned out hair and beautiful smile, Charlie's Angels rushing to fight crime while still looking sexy in a bikini... these are the girls we wanted to portray with our resort collection, a time before photoshop, a time for really natural sex appeal. Our collection is filled with fun, bold 70's sayings and colors, and our muses are the 3 Angels… but this time on vacation. These girls are bold, smart and super stylish, they are the girls who can plan grande scenarios and dedicate themselves to pulling them off, they are the girls who can always make you laugh till it hurts, they are the ones every boy wants and every girl wants to be. We really felt the seventies this season, from Daft Punk and Flight Facilities new hits, to a movie about Liberace, and straight onto the runway, how could we not embrace this fantastic groovy lifestyle? Rainbows and disco balls please!

Shot by Mark Hunter
Edited by Kimberley Gordon
Assisted by Steven Meyers
Modeled by Avery Tharp, Amanda Smith and Dioni Tabbers
Make up by Carlene K
Hair by Anna Lee Fiorino
Wildfox Team:
Still life photos by Kimberley Gordon
All Clothing by WILDFOX
Shoes: Vintage
Executive Producer: Jimmy Sommers

Wildfox Couture, one of the coolest American fashion brands, has recently released their Resort 2013/2014 collection - and you know how hysterical I get with their lookbooks! The brand's latest clothing line celebrates the hip and fun side of youth and the lookbook is an inspiring throwback to the iconic TV show Charlie's Angels, oozing mid-70's zeitgeist, saucy Summer spirit, cheeky babes (they look so gorgeous; Avery Tharp looks a bit like Lindsey Wixson, don't you think?), kitsch cuteness, swimwear and sweaters... Just imagine a groovy pool party with a retro vibe, colour-fueled carefree holidays, late breakfast, long hair, girly hues, the right amount of denim, rainbow striped bodies sunbathing in the lawn... Evocative, right?
I'm not even such a big fan of the 1970's (forgive me, Farrah Fawcett!) but everything about these images is so youthful and playful that I could not just say no to some of the items.
Not only these snaps are reminiscent of a freedom we'd all love to steal, but also present a timeless groove with a nostalgic, appealing revival.


  1. ooh, thank you for sharing this! love it!

  2. Nem sabem cruzar as pernas para tirar uma fotografia....:-) Nada que se aproveite.

  3. I fell in love with these pics!

  4. I'm not a massive fan of the seventies either (I'm more a 60's and 20's girl) but I always love Wildfox's lookbooks and this one is no exception. Love the Hello Charlie t-shirts! x

  5. Que imagens fantásticas, adorei o lookbook :) Gente bonita, roupa retro, cenários fantásticos e comida... wow

  6. Love your photos x

  7. Adorei a vibe, sendo eu uma mocinha nascida nos idos de 70, este tipo de imagens leva-me á tenra infância.