Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hello, November.

I am imitating what I've seen my dear friend Cláudia doing in her blog - it seems like a good idea.

This November I'm looking forward to...

eating / cranberry applesauce, hefty burgers & burritos, ginger cakes and all things cheesy and creamy!
drinking / less alcohol, hopefully.
practicing / my make-up skills
mastering / the way I deal with my expectations.
learning / how to thicken hot chocolate
playing / with fire.
finishing / work at a reasonable time.
reading / many books
walking / whenever I give my bicycle a break.
wearing /  my new Dr Martens and MAC Candy Yum Yum
cooking / quince soup *drools*
working / at the same place, as my contract has just been extended.
traveling / nowhere too far away, since I only have one day off per week (!).
wanting / to feel better about myself.


  1. Um óptimo Novembro para ti :)


  2. What about having a lunch meal at home once in a while, for a change?...:-)