Sunday, November 3, 2013

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #29

Petite Meller is my new obsession. I've been waiting for a video like this for a long time.

Bliss out over this nostalgic tune!

This is the most extraordinary hairstyle I've ever spotted on Mad Men. Betty Draper at her best.

Christopher Walken makes any commercial worth watching.

It happened: Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher sharing the same stage.

I can't stop looking at Tao Akamoto - She is sooo beautiful!

I've just finished watching the first season of Orange is the New Black and I loved it!

This emerald velvet lingerie set is really to die for!


  1. Christopher Walken é o maior!
    banda sonora do simms é épica!
    a lingerie é linda!
    o quadro é fabuloso!

    e já chega hahahaha xD

  2. Ohh meu deus que nostalgia! Há tanto tempo que não ouvia essa música do The Sims! É genial ;)
    Gostei imenso também da Cruela de Vil, está linda! :)

  3. Uma vez fizeste um penteado um pouco parecido ao da Betty Draper....uma foto no Luis' Bar...?
    Adorei o anúncio com o Cristopher Walken, e quanto ao quadro, tu podes pintar algo do género.

  4. Wow the lingerie set is so beautiful! As is the Mad Men hairstyle. I still really want to start watching Orange is the New Black, there's too many good tv shows out there >.< xo

  5. Ha! I was trying to give myself that Betty Draper hairstyle for my vampire-themed photoshoot on Halloween. It totally flopped! You have the BEST bio ever (under your photo). I feel like we might be two peas in a pod!

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