Friday, November 15, 2013

Inspiration: True Romance (1993)

There is a reason why True Romance has achieved a cult status, even though it initially flopped at the box office. If you are expecting a traditional love story, don't. It's a Tarantino love story: there's violence, action, profanity, bloodshed and crime. If you liked Badlands, Wild at Heart, Bonnie and Clyde or Natural Born Killers, you will love this one too. Directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino, this early 90's outlaws-in-love-and-on-the-run romantic film is filled with black humor, gratuitous violence, campy outfits, memorable and witty dialogue, convincing characters, epic performances and stylish cinematography. Tarantino's script is loaded with iconic references and influential inspirations, naturally.

Blonde bimbo hooker (with a heart of gold) Alabama, adorably played by the lovely Patricia Arquette (love her voice!) meets lonesome, ninja movies savvy Clarence, somewhere in Detroit. She wears ultra-tacky, hyper-kitsch, candy-coloured clothes and even a cow-print skirt(!). He falls in love with her and almost made my heart melt with his pure, genuine sweetness, proving the audience how brilliantly Christian Slater acts. Their chemistry together is just remarkable!

The romance itself is twisted, turbulent and wacky, and makes the best out of an entertaining road movie, along with Hans Zimmer's unforgettable xylophone soundtrack and creating a balance between the fairytale of being in love and dealing with some harsh and ill-fated consequences.

You will also find some of Hollywood's finest at their best: Brad Pitt plays a stoner, Val Kilmer appears as an imaginary Elvis sort of hallucination, Gary Oldman steals every scene as the seedy pimp, Samuel L. Jackson turns up for a cameo as a drug dealer, and Christopher Walken... well, it's Christopher Walken, you know.

This modern love tale is a quintessential 1990's film and I wonder how even more epic and legendary could be if Tarantino himself directed it instead of Scott. Tony was a great filmmaker but only Tarantino can make some things shine and turn into a ravishing masterpiece.


  1. It's been ages and ages since I've seen this movie, but it was one I used to watch quite a lot as it's fantastic. I'll have to watch it once again :)) Thank you for your lovely comment doll, I really appreciate it!! I hope you are well doll xx

  2. I love that ages! I just love <3 The love was so pure <3

  3. Porra, como é que não conheço este, pelo menos acho eu...tanta gente boa junta e escrito pelo Tarantino! Já tá na lista!

  4. Senti-me oficialmente VELHA. fFui ver isto ao cinema mal estreou com a minha melhor amiga de infÂncia pq nessa altura - em que já ambas estavamos no fim da adolescência - as poucas coisas que ainda tinhamos em comum eram o Slater e o Pitt e o facto de ambas sermos altamente cinéfilas. Saí de lá a voltejar de encantamento com o filme, e é daqueles que SÓ consigo mesmo associar aos anos 90.

  5. love that movie! o slater <3

  6. Como é que um tipo com uma camisa com palmeiras pode ser inspiração para romance...?....Só nos filmes e nos bailes de Maria Vinagre...;-)
    Quanto a Brad Pitt, já era...