Sunday, January 5, 2014

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #38

This is a duck's foot pistol, used throughout the 19th century and early 20th century. Considering its multiple barrels, this was the ideal weapon of choice for use by an individual confronting a group and it was actually quite popular amongst bank guards, prison officers and sea captains

If you're in the mood for an emotionally harsh drama, this is a great British film.

I am not sure if this guy was brave or just stupid... But this amateur footage is epic! I wouldn't stand so close to the window. 
And yes, apparently, tornadoes happen in Portugal too.

This sick scene will never get old and is probably the main reason why I always re-watch Ocean's Twelve (even though I like Ocean's Eleven better, obviously).

Here's a light bulb oil lamp! All you have to do is pour paraffin into the bulb and enjoy the light.

Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio traveled the world and documented what's on family dinner tables around the globe, creating Hungry Planet. I find this project really interesting - the viewers are invited to peek into kitchens from Norway to Kuwait.

I never wear a watch but I'd wear this one!


  1. Adorei a Cat Art e o projecto Hungry Planet é de causar uns arrepios...
    Tem uma boa semana ;-)

  2. o projecto hungry planet veio mesmo a calhar com este meu ultimo post. ainda vou reportar isso no meu ;)

  3. Aquele vídeo do furacão, que louco!
    E o meme: hilarious!

  4. As always I look forward to your Sunday Best posts! That gun is so interesting and I love Vincent Cassel's laser dance too!

  5. Muito interessante esse projecto fotográfico Hungry Planet! E já postei aquele vídeo do tornado em Silves; é uma loucura...:-)

  6. Ai aquela pistola é um máximo; docinho histórico :3

  7. I loved the WMCA one! Hahaha! Nice!

    Awesome make-up!

    x Dawn

  8. I am one of those people that enjoy watching shows like 'Storm Chasers' or 'Tornado Alley' on National Geographic channel. It is quite a powerful environmental happening that I am so fascinated by! Thanks for sharing the video of that Portugal footage. In Sydney Australia we don't ever get tornados however cyclones and typhoons are frequently reported in North Queensland and Western Australia (places no where near I live)

  9. love the field guide to famous cats! and that photography project about dinners is really interesting and sad. western countries really do take what they have for granted don't they?

    little henry lee

  10. Também adoro aquela cena do Ocean's Twelve mas prefiro o Ocean's Eleven. Daqueles filmes que se vêem vezes sem conta! As fotografias documentais estão um espetáculo. Tão interessante ver que diferentes culturas comem alimentos diferentes. Espero um dia visitar cada um desses sítios e constatar esse facto por mim mesma :) *

  11. ja conhecia o projecto hungry planet e é mesmo engraçado ver as diferenças..

    adoro a frida catko :D