Sunday, February 23, 2014

♥ Sunday Best ♥ #45

I'd love to sit at this table.

Bagpiper Gilbert Kerr, member of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, was photographed serenading an indifferent penguin in 1904 - priceless!

Do I really need to tell you how charming is this room?

These bubble gardens in the streets of Paris are such an amazing idea! Designer Amaury Gallon created each bubble with a unique environmental inspiration. One hosts a jungle, while another garden features hundreds of orchids woven into the metal structure that frames the transparent igloo-shaped rooms. Well done!

Enter the herb closet!

Check this out! One of Leonardo da Vinci's many notebooks, this one diagramming a potter's wheel (c. 1508-1509) and all written backwards! I am really fascinated at his mirror writing.

Sorry but this is actually quite funny. English readers, don't take it too seriously, please! I know the referendum is coming. Chill.

So many gorgeous outfits in this film. The allure of foxy ladies and 1930s glamour!


  1. I want to sit at that table. And I want to be able to watch that film, with english subtitles and not in russian looool.

  2. Nossa, fiquei com muita vontade de ver esse filme, as roupas são lindas mesmo! Adoro filmes com figurinos marcantes.

  3. Pretty and interesting photos! xx

  4. Um post muito interessante! Adorei o herb closet, aquela mesa posta, não pela mesa mas pelo romantismo da casa, e aquela foto do pinguim é fantástica; não liga "pevas"...:-)
    Frankie Boyle tem sentido de humor!

  5. Já estou a babar pelo filme desde que vi as imagens no teu tumblr <3 E essas sobrancelhas, ai adoro as da Dietrich e do género!

  6. I want to sit at that table too. So beautiful xx

  7. Esse filme parece daqueles em que todas as cenas davam uma bela fotografia :)


  8. só tu para encontrares estas pérolas! é que é impossível não adorar estes teus sunday best posts!

  9. I love the penguin picture, it's so cute! xxx

  10. I love all these pictures, it is like you just jumped into my brain and posted it on here! Also what movie are those last pictures from? I love the costuming!


  11. Thak you for your comments, I stayed in a little street right by the MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art). I didn't manage to quite explore the Barrio Gotico, only went to the Picasso museum (!!!!).
    ps;what is the name of movie you have stills of in the very last 2 pictures? I adore the vibe they give off :)

  12. Ahh, major eyebrow envy! Can I please have Marilyn Monroe's (or Brigitte Bardot's or Sophia Loren's)?


  13. Haha, poor English, I can say that thought isn't common place between all the Scots..

    I love the piper too, Edinburgh Zoo got Panda's and they played the bag pipes to try and encourage them to breed- this obviously worked well..

    Emma x

  14. The Bubble Garden is so fascinating. Also the pictures on the bottom. . I've had that movie on my to-watch list for a long time now and really need to read it.