Monday, February 1, 2016

Where The Heart Is

Remember this house? Guess what, I went back to 12 Henrietta St on Thursday evening with my friend Alina, as it opened its doors again to welcome a pop-up Art exhibition. Illustrations, paintings, photos, poetry, prints, conceptual pieces... all for sale! The goal: raising awareness of the ongoing (and quite alarming) housing crisis in Dublin and also funds for the Irish Housing Network. Anyone, amateur or acclaimed artist, could contribute with artwork, simultaneously supporting a social cause and encouraging local artists to express themselves through this showcase of talent. Where The Heart Is struck me as a fantastic initiative, taking place in one of my favourite buildings in Dublin - all those canvases, frames and people taking turns to play the piano by the fireplace made it all feel more homely. DJs, free drinks (!) and salted peanuts made the experience even better, transforming this Georgian venue into the coolest of art galleries. Sharing a bit of social conscience and having Art on display for a good cause is not something that happens as frequently as it should. There are still so many vacant buildings and so many homeless people out there (and in this weather it's no joke) but hey, baby steps towards change.


  1. É mesmo de se louvar, uma excelente iniciativa em todos os sentidos.

  2. Caso para dizer que o bom filho a "Casa" torna, neste caso
    a tua casa favorita em Henrietta St. :-)
    Uma casa agora cheia de vida com esta exibição de arte.
    Gostei das fotos.

  3. Que giro! É capaz até de haver até qualquer coisa assim no Porto mas nem tenho noção...