Sunday, August 21, 2016



the morgan library & museum // new york city, 18.11.2015
This library is really something, isn't it?


Cuban Fish Tacos with Citrus Mango Slaw + Chipotle Lime Crema.
Really nice recipes. Every hour.
I wouldn't say no to these cuban fish tacos with grapefruit mango slaw.

I think that this is a very powerful art piece. 
The following sculptures are a representation of past Africans that were thrown overboard during the middle passage throughout the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. The artist Jason deCaires has created such art to honor African ancestors that past during the greed of slavery.

They look so real😧
These sculptures are so powerful; lest we forget about the TransAtlantic slave trade.

This bedroom is perfect.

Did you know that Keith Richards once threatened to stab Donald Trump? Legen-fucking-dary.

Italian designer Massimo Moreale created these exquisite bookmarks - you can purchase them here.


  1. Always love your roundups! Thanks for the links, lady!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  2. lovely collection of pictures <3

  3. Nem sei por onde começar, embora a Biblioteca me tivesse enchido as medidas!...
    Achei curioso a cozinha ter imensas peças de esmalte, peças bonitas mas
    más para cozinhar. :-) Quanto aos marcadores de livros, ainda sou do tempo
    em que se dobrava o canto da página, embora ainda guarde uma pequena espada
    que me ofereceram há muitos, muitos anos.

  4. That library is what dreams are made of! x