Friday, September 2, 2016

Time Flies and Summer Dies

Summer lives fast and dies young. Back in Portugal, Summer used to last forever - the constant heat, the dry breeze, the neverending sunlight. Can't say I miss it. I'm an Autumn person as much as I'm a dog person. I'm ready for this Summer to end, reading beat poetry and Flaubert sheltered in the local pub snug, with an imaginary soundtrack (synthwave, The Cure, Sad Lovers and Giants) constantly stuck in my head. I find myself smelling the sweet perfume of old book pages, maybe those campfire marshmallows-scented candles are not enough for my greedy nostrils... White tea, dragonfruit and way too many carbs embellish my diet. Most of the time I feel like a bear cub, or a tiny Jack Russell. An ottersloth! Now, bedtime.


  1. Summer still manages to last forever here. Autumn lingers on the threshold and never truly enters the doorway. That piece of poetry is SO you, though.

  2. Always love your snaps. I'm an autumn person as well, not really looking forward to the weather warming up here!

    Jane / deluminators

  3. Oh I love this! I'm 100% an autumn person as well; summer is my least favourite time of year. Living in the American South though, means the weather doesn't stay consistently cool until late October/early November.

    Kate |

  4. I'm so ready for autumn as well.
    And I got to say I'm absolutely in love with this little corner of the internet. Thank you for that!

    Welcome to 104

  5. Enjoy your cooler weather. x

    Erin |

  6. oh no, summer is still around here and stronger than ever. i absolutely hate it.

    miss those cold breezes and rain <3

  7. I love both the Summer and Autumn months, but I feel the cold very easily so when Autumn comes, I barely want to leave the house!

    Issy | MissIsGoode xox

  8. Belo texto, e adorei a pata do Kaz!
    Yes, " enjoy the little things", tanto no Verão como
    no Inverno.

  9. Olá Nancy,

    Lembrei-me hoje de ti e do quanto gosto do teu blog. Vim dar uma espreitadela de propósito e já tenho muita coisa para ver :) Este ano o verão no Algarve foi demais, super calor todos os dias! Desde final de maio que não fazia um dia fresco, hoje foi o primeiro e soube tão bem o céu estar nublado e vivermos o dia apenas com 28 graus! Agora sim, outono, inverno, livros, lareiras, café quente, mantas, adoro <3 Este ano vou viajar para a República Checa e Austria :)

    Beijinhos :)