Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Open House Dublin 2016: Smock Alley Theatre, Marsh's Library, Merrion Mews and Royal Society of Antiquaries

First stop was Smock Alley Theatre. I was impressed but the best part (the original theatre built in 1662) was not open to the public, much to my dismay. I suppose I'll get to see it next time I attend a play...

I headed to Marsh's Library, expecting a precious gem that has to be one of the most beautifully atmospheric places in Dublin. No photos allowed though, so I'll have to describe how cool were these cages built inside the library to prevent readers from stealing books, ornated with white and golden arcades and imaginary cobwebs. Infinite oak bookshelves, galleries still haunted by the presence of Bram Stoker and James Joyce, an impressive collection of manuscripts, spiral staircase leading to Bookworm's Heaven. This magical library is a throwback to the 18th Century - mind you, it was the FIRST public library in Ireland. Ah! I love the smell of old books in the morning.

Talk about property porn... If you're looking for the cosiest, cutest, prettiest dollhouse-like restored gaff, look no further. Merrion Mews is the place. Enter 63 Merrion Square/Fitzwilliam Lane for an experience with the past. Garden, mews, stables, all refurbished and still retaining the essence of an 18th century townhouse. You know the best thing about this quaint pastel-hued house in the heart of Dublin city? You can actually spend a few nights there! I kid you not, it's on Airbnb!!!

Now, step into The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, founded in 1849, also in Merrion Square, still retaining some of its original features. Those Giant Irish Deer antlers took my breath away and that walled rear garden was beyond lovely. If you stare at plaster ceilings for way too long, like me, this is the place for you. The library on the ground floor looked like the one in Lara Croft's manor, it's probably the coolest room in the house with so many quirky details. Ah, the wonders of Georgian Dublin always keep me coming back for more.


  1. I have no idea why my twitter doesn't work! :( But I followed you instead and it worked perfectly. :) "oh_journals" - it's me.

  2. Não me importaria nada de passar uma semana
    no n.63 de Merrion Square. :-)

  3. Oh my gosh, Marsh's Library sounds amazing. I love old fancy libraries, I want to build my own one day haha.

    Jane / deluminators

  4. I think I need to take a trip to Dublin and stay at that pretty house!!! Now, to win the Euromillions...

  5. Ooh, these are beautiful! Hope you had a fun day! Thanks for sharing these pictures:)